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Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free


Performatrin Ultra® pet foods are holistically formulated, going beyond basic dietary
requirements to nourish your pet’s total wellness. We’ve married the holistic goodness of Performatrin Ultra dog foods with the growing desire for grain-free diets, to bring you the Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free Dog Food Formula.

Why Grain Free?
Your dog evolved from a wolf, and wolves don’t eat a lot of corn or wheat. It makes sense that you might want to try a grain-free option for your carnivore pet. Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free dog food gives you the means to feed your dog the basic nutrients he needs, based on food ingredients his oldest ancestors might have hunted, including turkey, salmon and duck. It also provides fruits that wolves continue to eat in the wild, including whole blueberries and fresh whole blackberries.

It’s 100% grain-free and therefore 100% gluten-free. Some dogs, like some people, don’t digest gluten very easily. If your dog is intolerant of gluten, Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free could help ease his discomfort. A more ancestral diet can also contribute to maintaining an optimal body weight.

Solutions for your Dog

Dogs don’t require grains and many do better without them. Try Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free dog food to maximize these benefits:

  • Higher protein level supports improved muscle development and maintenance
  • Highly palatable 3-meat blend is ideal for picky eaters
  • High antioxidant and Omega-3 formula helps to ease itchy skin, hot spots and ear infections
  • No chicken protein and no grains eliminates related food sensitivities
  • No meat by-products, soya, artificial preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors
Dogs Love Meat
The blend of three unique meats in Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free creates a distinct taste your dog will love. Turkey, salmon and duck are delicious flavors that shine through for high palatability. Meat provides 85% of the protein in this food – perfect for the carnivore in every dog. The other 15% of protein occurs naturally from the vegetables and fruits.

One meat you won’t find in Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free is chicken. As the most common meat found in dog food today, we’ve left out the chicken protein to help lower the chances of allergic reaction. Chicken fat is included because it helps provide the natural fats and oils your dog needs. Chicken fat is not an allergen because food allergies are almost exclusively associated with proteins, not fats.

Ingredient Benefits
Salmon is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, the essential fats that help to calm inflammation in your dog. Beneficial bacteria in your dog’s food can help maintain a balance of microflora in his digestive tract, improving digestion and supporting healthy elimination of waste. The overall health of animals is closely linked to the health of the digestive system, so we include naturally occurring active probiotic cultures like Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Prebiotics such as Yucca Schidigera and Chicory Root feed the good bacteria, helping to maintain the proper balance. Sourcing ingredients close to home is another way to ensure the highest quality that you’ve come to trust from the Performatrin Ultra brand. Our Grain-Free dog food is, by weight, 99% sourced from North America, including all meats, vegetables and fruits. Vitamins, minerals and other supplements are sourced from Europe and Asia, from long-standing and reputable suppliers.

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