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Performatrin Ultra


Performatrin Ultra is Bosley’s holistic private label brand. It is specially formulated to offer more than just the basic dietary requirements but seeks to achieve optimum equilibrium between body and mind and spirit.

Performatrin Ultra starts with whole fresh ingredients to meet nutritional requirements. This includes proteins like lamb or chicken that are hormone-free. Whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, natural kelp and herbs are added to provide as many nutrients as possible from natural sources.

Then more quality ingredients are added to promote the maintenance of your dog's health. Ingredients such as blueberries to support intestinal systems, rosemary to assist in detoxifying the liver, basil to contribute to heart health, flaxseed to promote healthy skin and coat, and more. An underpinning philosophy is that prevention is the best way to maintain overall health and wellness.

This is pet nutrition that does more than meet minimum Nutrient Standards. This is food that cares for your dog holistically.

Performatrin Ultra is an eligible food brand for Bosley's Frequent Buyer Program.

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