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Dog Food

  Start with fresh, whole foods as the main ingredients like delicious hormone-free
  meats and a colorful blend of vegetables and fruits, and leave out artificial flavors,
  colors and preservatives. This is what holistic nutrition is all about.

  Balanced Omegas, antioxidants and pre and probiotics are key to Performatrin
  Ultra’s unique line of holistic recipes, based on the belief that health which begins
  on the inside shows on the outside.


  High-quality fresh meats like Chicken, Lamb, Salmon and Turkey come first in all   
  Performatrin Ultra Recipes. Best of all, your pets will love the delicious meaty


  Performatrin Ultra’s traditional recipes use delicious, healthy whole grains such as
  Brown Rice, Oatmeal and pearled Barley to provide vitamins, energy and fiber.

  For pet parents that want to eliminate grains entirely, there’s also Performatrin Ultra
  Grain-Free which provides a meat-based source of energy.

  No matter your choice, you’ll know that your pet is getting the superior nutrition
  they deserve.


Performatrin Ultra is an eligible food brand for Bosley's Frequent Buyer Program.

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