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ACANA is formulated with the same variety of fresh meats that cats and dogs would eat in their natural environment - keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of today's companion pet often means a reduced calorie requirement.

Meat-concentrated diets are higher in protein, lower in carbohydrate are far better matched to support the carnivorous anatomy of our companion dogs and cats. And by enhancing metabolism and enabling peak physical condition, ACANA helps dogs and cats from all walks of life achieve their full potential.

The five natural principals that guide the formulation of all ACANA foods are: 1. Ingredient freshness and variety to match the natural diet

2. High in animal proteins
3. Low in grains and carbohydrates
4. Rich in fruits and vegetables

5. Tonic herbs to strengthen the body and spirit

ACANA is an eligible food brand for Bosley's Frequent Buyer Program.

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