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Bringing Your Pet Home

What You’ll Need. Adding a pet to your family means that you’ll need to purchase supplies, such a bed, possibly a crate depending on the age of your pet, toys, food, treats, a litter box, a leash, etc. Also, you’re going to need to find a good veterinarian. Ask your friends and family for references, or use the vet recommended by your breeder or adoption organization.

What to Expect. Don’t expect your new pet to form a strong relationship with your family right in the beginning. Whether you’ve adopted a young kitten or puppy, or a more mature animal, this transition is going to take some time. Once everyone in your household gets to know each other and are comfortable in their environment, the bond will grow naturally.

Training. For dogs and puppies, training is essential in order to have an enjoyable experience with your pet. Make sure that your pet is properly trained, either by taking classes or by self-teaching your pup. Plan how you will train and discipline your new pet before bringing him home, so his experience within your family will be consistent and positive.

Enjoy your Pet. Finally, make sure you enjoy your pet when you bring her home. Spend time with her, and soon you won’t be able to picture your life without her!

Adoption can provide a young pet with a family to grow up with, or a mature pet with a second chance. The health and wellness benefits of having pets are also well documented. Either way, adopting a pet provides benefits for both the new parents and the new pets.

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