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Valentine's with Pets

Pet GreensMy Furry Valentine

Who better to be your Valentine this year than the one who gives you unconditional love every day of the year? Your pet will be happy to cuddle up on February 14th! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with healthy eats or huggables treats.

Heart-Shaped Fun

Some Pet Greens, a new line of all-natural dog and cat treats, are shaped like little valentines. The treats include wheat grass which contains healthy levels of chlorophyll, which contributes to a healthy blood stream.

Heart Break BearHuggable Bear and Heart Tug

These great Valentine’s toys are practical and perfect for the occasion.

Made of soft rubber nubs, gnawing on this toy will clean your dog’s teeth and gums while keeping him entertained for hours.

Valentine’s Safety?

You wouldn’t think Valentine’s Day would be a risk for pets, but some of the things that make Valentine’s Day romantic can be hazardous to your furry valentine.

 Flowers A wonderful gift for your valentine, but if she has a pet, make sure the token of your affection is non-toxic. Orchids, asters and jasmine are all good choices. Avoid azaleas, baby’s breath, daisies and lilies, among others. A florist may be able to help you choose a pet-friendly bouquet.
 Candles The flickering light of a candle can add ambience to your evening and also attract a playful animal if he’s not used to them. Candles may look like toys to pets, so make sure you don’t leave them unattended, or opt for artificial candles that light up without fire.
 Wine A staple of a romantic meal. Keep an eye on your glass if you have pets that like to share beverages with you (even if you don’t mean to share with them). The grapes and alcohol content of wine isn’t good for animals.
 Chocolate What would the day be without a box of chocolates? It would be safer for your pet, that’s what. Be sure to keep chocolate, including cake, truffles and anything else with a high cocoa content, safely out of reach of your pets.

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