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Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is a fun time of year, filled with parties, costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating. Here are a few safety tips to help ensure your four-legged friends have as much fun as you do:

1. Tricks, not treats

After a successful night of trick-or-treating, you might want to share a snack with your pet. However, people-treats shouldn’t be shared with your pet as they can make him sick. Especially, chocolate. Of course, your dog and cat can still enjoy their own treats!

2. Playing with fire

A lot of Halloween décor involves lit candles – especially Jack-o-lanterns! Since candles can be easily knocked over, place them securely and watch them closely. Consider using battery-operated candles.

3. Dress for success

When trick-or-treating with your dog, ensure she’s wearing her collar and nametag and that she’s properly secured with a leash. If your pet is in costume, make sure her eyes and nose aren’t blocked.

4. Open door, open opportunity

Your door will likely be open throughout the evening when giving out candy. As it’s easy for your pet to dart out the door – watch him carefully! Place your cat or dog in a separate room (with food and water) and close the door, or secure your dog on a leash.

5. Black cats beware

Black cats have a strong association with Halloween, which can tempt pranksters to cause undue torment to any black cat they see. It’s best to keep your black cats securely indoors around Halloween, and only have pets outside under supervision.
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